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If your knife needs more thorough attention, consider our Refurbish Service. Each knife is inspected and processed through the 4 stages of production listed below to restore the surface and cutting edge as close to factory standards as possible:

  1. Surface bead-blast to remove discoloration or rust
  2. Surface peen to create an easy to clean, scratch resistant satin finish
  3. Blade etch
  4. Sharpen cutting edge to factory specifications

The cost is $20/knife + $15 for return shipping*. Please clean the knife(s) and secure in sheath. Enclose copy of order inside package and ship to:
     Knives of Alaska
     3100 Airport Drive
     Denison, TX 75020
     Attn: Service

* $2 each additional knife. US residents only

Quantity added to cart should match the number of knives to be serviced.

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