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The Brown Bear Combination Set teams the heavy-duty Brown Bear Skinner/Cleaver with the Cub Bear Caping Knife in the same beautiful oiled leather sheath for a complete hunting and field-dressing system.

 ~ Combination leather sheath Included ~

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CategoryBrown Bear Combo Item Number00004FG
Blade Steel D2
"Tough thick skin was no match"
I have your brown bear combo and I have used it to clean several white tail and it has held up and performed excellent. Recently a friend of mine shot a 250 lbs. wild boar and as we hung it in preparation to clean it two other hunters got out there knives and sharpeners ect. They stood making jokes at my simple looking set in a simple brown leather scabbard. After about five min. they had stepped back making little progress and I looked to them and stated I would clean this hog if they couldn't handle it. They laughed and said go ahead and try. I went to work on the hog as they went to work sharpening their dull knives. They finished sharpening and I had it almost finished cleaning! Their opinions of my knives had changed and after finishing the tough thick skin of this hog I still had a clean sharp edge. I am proud of these Knives and their quality and thought I should say thanks to you all at Knives of Alaska.
  Yes, I recommend this product.

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