Folding Knives
Sometimes size and weight are the most important aspects of a knife. Folding knives fit in a pocket or on a belt so that you hardly know they are there until...
Fixed Blade Knives
Most Knives of Alaska products are fixed blade knives. This means the blade does not fold, like a pocket knife, but is kept in a sheath. Some other companies...
Cleavers, Saws & Hatchets
Now these are unique knives! Our skinner/cleavers made their debut in the early 90's and have been turning heads ever since. Just check out the knife...
Combination Sets
Knives of Alaska is famous for our combo sets. There weren't many available until we came along, but every hunter knows that two knives are better than...

We are committed to designing and manufacturing quality knives that our customers can proudly use and depend on in the field. With American ingenuity, craftsmanship and manufacturing, we produce the "Finest Quality Outdoorsmen's Knives!" Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Eagle Auto OD/Black G10
Eagle Folder
Item #: 00940FG
A precision spear-point blade and sporty ergonomic handle bring comfort and purpose to the Eagle. You'll want it with you everyday. We have made recent design improvements to include additional safety features on this model resulting in...
What They're Saying
I currently own one of your Ulu knives and it worked wonders on cleaning fat and muscle off of a deerhide. I love it. My favorite knife and in the future I am planning on purchasing another knife set. Thanks

– Tammy
I want to thank you so much for sending me the new replacement knife. I was amazed it was taken care of and so quickly at that! To add to my surprise I received a check to pay for the postage.
– Anonymous
I just bought a Light Hunter not too long ago, LOVE THE KNIFE!

– R Church
"I purchased your Elk Hunter today in Fairbanks. When I asked was the knife the Alaskans most frequently carried into the field, he said without hesitation, "Knives of Alaska". I used the Elk hunter to butcher my bear. I've used several knives in the past to clean game, and your Elk Hunter was the best. It is corrosion resistant, easy to handle with slippery hands, held an excellent edge during the entire process, and was easy to sharpen. Thank you for a great product."
– Dan Bradley
I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the quick response and excellent service on my knife. I sent in my Brown Bear Cleaver for service or repair and you replaced it no questions asked in short order. Service of this caliber is rare these days.
– Lon Hays

Warranty Registration

Our knives are guaranteed for as long as you own them. That's how confident we are in our knives! We use the very best materials available and our fine craftsmen walk them through every step with a careful eye. You can be sure that your blade and handle are covered against any defects in materials and workmanship or from breakage under normal use.

This full service, self-sufficient hunting and fishing lodge is located in remote southeast Alaska, with no connecting roads to the nearest village almost 100 miles away. It is here in this unforgiving wilderness that we test our knives, depending on them as tools every day, as we host quality hunting and fishing experiences for guests. Like Knives of Alaska, the Alaska Expedition Company is owned and operated by Alaska Master Big Game Guide, Charles Allen and his wife, Jody.


DiamondBlade Knives

Quality knives get a huge boost in performance from cutting edge technology “Friction Forging.” These knives will hold an edge 10 times longer than a high quality knife made with any other method. Like Knives of Alaska, Diamond Blade Knives is owned and operated by Alaska Master Big Game Guide, Charles Allen and his wife, Jody.