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Alaska Professional Hunters Association Commemorates 50th Anniversary.
Monday, August 26, 2019 at 8:00am


August 26, 2019

The Alaska Professional Hunters Association (APHA) is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. The APHA has championed biologically sound wildlife management policies and represented Alaskan hunters and professional guides both at the State and Federal level since 1969. 
According to Deb Moore, APHA’s Executive Director, in recognition of this 50 year milestone to protect our right to hunt, APHA’s Board of Directors has selected Knives of Alaska to manufacture two different knives to commemorate this landmark achievement. One is the company’s popular “Alpha Wolf,” a fixed blade hunter with a 3.5” blade made from CPMS30V steel. The second is their new “Sidewinder,” an assisted open, folding knife with a 3.6” blade made with CPMS30V steel. The Sidewinder was designed especially for APHA’s 50th Anniversary.
Both knife model blades will be engraved with the APHA logo highlighting their 50th anniversary. These knives are heirloom quality, made in USA, and individually serial numbered. Each model is priced at $125. The knives may be purchased by contacting APHA at
(907)-929-0619 or
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