Letter from the President

A person's choice of outdoor gear, especially that of hunters and fishermen, is a source of personal pride and satisfaction. That doesn't mean you must have the most expensive gun, rod, knife, boots, or whatever, but the gun should be clean, well maintained, and accurate. Your knife should shave, and hopefully the boots will be well broken-in before tackling a major extended hunt. As outfitters in Alaska, we have guided hunters and fishermen into the Alaskan bush for years. One fact is - and has always been -  each man's gear is going to play a major role in determining his success, comfort, and enjoyment.

At Knives of Alaska, we understand what it means to rely on your gear. We've never lost sight of the fact that the knife of a dedicated hunter, fisherman or outdoorsman has two important aspects. First, and most important, it is a precision tool that must perform the task at hand efficiently, safely, and reliably time after time, year after year. Second, a man's knife is an investment and one of his personal objects of pride. It is a measuring stick among his peers.

We make award-winning outdoorsman's knives that are used and respected by some of the best professional guides and outfitters, hunters, and other outdoorsmen in Alaska, and across the globe. To say that our knives are field-tested is an understatement. We carry them across Southeast Alaska's glacier fields, through swamps, across tundra, and in the mountains, using them in all manner of chores. If something doesn't work, it gets corrected or eliminated in a hurry!

All of our knives, from our new line of folders to our award winning cleavers, our hatchets, combination sets, and fixed blade hunters, are quality outdoor cutlery for the self-reliant outdoorsman who demands the very best in his gear. It doesn't matter if you're hunting whitetails in a local woodlot or after a big Alaskan brown bear, your gear will still be one of the things that sets you apart and makes the hunt more enjoyable. Our promise to you is that our lifetime guaranteed knives are made to exacting quality standards that will ensure satisfaction and pride of ownership. They work for us in the harsh field conditions of bush Alaska-and they will work for you, time after time, year after year-wherever you hunt or fish.

Thank you for your confidence in our products. Enjoy the great outdoors and be sure to take a youngster hunting and fishing with you.

Charles Allen,

President and Owner

What They're Saying
I've owned scores of bone saws over the years and I started to believe that you simply couldn't get a good one. Not so. My Knives of Alaska bone saw is unbelievable. I've always liked to bag and eat big game, but now it's even more exciting because I get to use my K.O.A. saw.
– Steven Rinella
We run a black bear camp in Ontario and I have the pleasure of skinning/caping duties. The Cub Bear is my go to knife for the majority of the work. I use that knife for de-boning duties also.
– Tom Neiderer
I own several of your knives. My first one was the Alfa wolf I received as a gift. I was so impressed with it, I put all my other hunting knives in retirement. I use knives of Alaska knives from start to finish in all my hunts. From field dressing to processing. Cutting steaks to slicing jerky. Love your products and their performance.
P.S. Keep makin' em' in America and I will always be a loyal customer.
– Irv Stone
I just wanted to thank you for your amazing service. Not only was my knife replaced with a brand new one, but even my shipping costs were reimbursed. You are one amazing company and I,m proud to carry your product. Thank you!
– Keith Gibson
Thank you so much for the quick response and repair of my knife. I got it back and it is as good as new. Now days it is very refreshing to get service like this. Knives Of Alaska are the best.

– Anonymous