Letter from the President

A person's choice of outdoor gear, especially that of hunters and fishermen, is a source of personal pride and satisfaction. That doesn't mean you must have the most expensive gun, rod, knife, boots, or whatever, but the gun should be clean, well maintained, and accurate. Your knife should shave, and hopefully the boots will be well broken-in before tackling a major extended hunt. As outfitters in Alaska, we have guided hunters and fishermen into the Alaskan bush for years. One fact is - and has always been -  each man's gear is going to play a major role in determining his success, comfort, and enjoyment.

At Knives of Alaska, we understand what it means to rely on your gear. We've never lost sight of the fact that the knife of a dedicated hunter, fisherman or outdoorsman has two important aspects. First, and most important, it is a precision tool that must perform the task at hand efficiently, safely, and reliably time after time, year after year. Second, a man's knife is an investment and one of his personal objects of pride. It is a measuring stick among his peers.

We make award-winning outdoorsman's knives that are used and respected by some of the best professional guides and outfitters, hunters, and other outdoorsmen in Alaska, and across the globe. To say that our knives are field-tested is an understatement. We carry them across Southeast Alaska's glacier fields, through swamps, across tundra, and in the mountains, using them in all manner of chores. If something doesn't work, it gets corrected or eliminated in a hurry!

All of our knives, from our new line of folders to our award winning cleavers, our hatchets, combination sets, and fixed blade hunters, are quality outdoor cutlery for the self-reliant outdoorsman who demands the very best in his gear. It doesn't matter if you're hunting whitetails in a local woodlot or after a big Alaskan brown bear, your gear will still be one of the things that sets you apart and makes the hunt more enjoyable. Our promise to you is that our lifetime guaranteed knives are made to exacting quality standards that will ensure satisfaction and pride of ownership. They work for us in the harsh field conditions of bush Alaska-and they will work for you, time after time, year after year-wherever you hunt or fish.

Thank you for your confidence in our products. Enjoy the great outdoors and be sure to take a youngster hunting and fishing with you.

Charles Allen,

President and Owner

What They're Saying
My Ulu is fantastic!!

Your customer service is without parallel. Everyone I had contact with was polite and helpful--something that is sorely lacking these days.

Mr. Allen, you have an incredible group at your facility in Denison. I am sure you are honored to work with them every day, I would be.

– Scott Schwalm
I field dress and process a lot of wild game! I also butcher my own beef and pork! Knives of Alaska are by far the best knives I have ever used. 100% quality knives.

– Blayke Cardenas
"I purchased your Elk Hunter today in Fairbanks. When I asked was the knife the Alaskans most frequently carried into the field, he said without hesitation, "Knives of Alaska". I used the Elk hunter to butcher my bear. I've used several knives in the past to clean game, and your Elk Hunter was the best. It is corrosion resistant, easy to handle with slippery hands, held an excellent edge during the entire process, and was easy to sharpen. Thank you for a great product."
– Dan Bradley
I would like to express my appreciation to you for the fine knives you are making. I purchased a Light Hunter Combo last year, and to date have cleaned over 2300 ducks and geese with it, without sharpening the Cub Bear even once. This is a testament I share with all my friends when they ask me what knife they suggest. I purchased the Muskrat a few weeks back t try it on tout and have never in 30 years of fishing been so impressed by a knife. I have the fillet knives you produce as well, however for trout the Muskrat makes fast order of time.

– Scott Bice
I just want to thank you guys for being the Best Knives in
the world! I recently mailed you a knife that I've had for 15 maybe 20 years and it broke. I mailed it in and I quickly received my new one plus postage! Thank you for making and servicing the best knives in the world!

– Stephen Thomas