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Please be advised, Muskrats will not be available to ship until March 2024.


This unusually shaped knife is unbelievably effective for skinning and fleshing. The razor sharp edge extends completely around the rounded edge and along the top side for one inch. This allows the user to skin very quickly with the knife by cutting in both directions with a quick flick of the wrist. The rounded point is also much less likely to accidentally cut through the skin of a valuable cape than is a very sharp pointed blade. This is especially important for a professional outfitter, a guide, or a hunter who wants to keep the skin or cape for tanning or mounting. The thin .080" thick blade is D-2 tool steel and holds an incredible edge. Each knife comes with an oiled leather sheath.

~ Leather sheath Included ~

Special Features

Top and bottom razor edges give two skinning edges on same blade Rounded point makes perfect fleshing/skinning tool and helps prevent accidental puncture cuts


CategoryMuskrat Item Number00069FG
Blade Steel D2 Rockwell Hardness 59-61
Bevel 18-20° Knife Length 6-1/2
Blade Length 2-1/4 Weight 2.6 oz
"Let's find out (probably gonna break it)"
Seems a decent enough knife, it has a decent edge on it. Will find out how easy putting a good edge on the tip will be. Its a hard metal so should hold an edge good, but since I will be using it on the job it'll probably break on me. Also, it has a pretty nice sheath. Here's hoping it earns them stars.
  Yes, I recommend this product.
"Overall quality"
The blade itself is excellent steel. The grind for the edge was equal on both sides, but the edge itself was not very impressive. There were a couple spots where the edge had a slight roll to it and another spot on the backside near the spine that wasn't even remotely sharp. I figured I was going to have to spend a little time sharpening this knife when it arrived, as I've never bought a knife that didn't need a little TLC in the sharpness area. After about an hour, I had it shaving hairs. The metal is VERY hard, should hold an edge pretty darn good. The grips... I'm rather disappointed in them. They either weren't properly cut or they were improperly set. They don't line up with the handle of the knife very well. Not overly bad, but not what I expected with the company's reputation. Overall, for $55, it's going to be a fine little knife, looking forward to putting it to the test.
  Yes, I recommend this product.

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