Blade Care

Proper care is important and must be maintained to prevent damage. We recommend that you keep the knife blade clean and well oiled. You may clean the knife with a mild soap and water, dry immediately, and coat the blade with a food grade or petroleum oil to further prevent any staining or rusting on the main knife body. If you are going to store the knives for a long period of time, we recommend you remove the knife from the sheath and coat the blade with oil.

Sheath Care

Our sheaths are manufactured from only the finest American split grained cowhide leather that is vegetable tanned and oiled.  As an organic material, it is not covered in the knife warranty but it will last a lifetime with proper care.  Proper care includes not drying a wet sheath over high heat and keeping the sheath clean with saddle soap and then reconditioning the sheath with Renaissance Wax, Mink Oil, Snow Seal or other leather care products.  We recommend an initial treatment of an 80% to 20% hot solution mixture of beeswax to saddle oil while the sheath is still new.  After dipping the sheath in this hot solution, wipe off the excess both inside and outside and let dry before replacing the knife. 

What They're Saying
"I purchased your Elk Hunter today in Fairbanks. When I asked was the knife the Alaskans most frequently carried into the field, he said without hesitation, "Knives of Alaska". I used the Elk hunter to butcher my bear. I've used several knives in the past to clean game, and your Elk Hunter was the best. It is corrosion resistant, easy to handle with slippery hands, held an excellent edge during the entire process, and was easy to sharpen. Thank you for a great product."
– Dan Bradley