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Field and Stream article: "20 Best Knives Ever Made"
Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 10:29pm

In the June 2008 issue of Field & Stream Magazine, there is an article entitled "The 20 Best Knives Ever Made," by David Petzal. The author states his primary reason for choosing these knives as "they simply work better than anything else." We are very proud to have two of our knives represented in this elite group.

Our Brown Bear Skinner/Cleaver is one of his group of “Heavy-Duty Hackers.” It can be used as a knife, a cleaver or an axe. Fans of big knives appreciate being able to "do nearly everything a small knife can and most of what an axe can do as well."

Our Magnum Ulu was shown as a genuine working example of the crescent-shaped Ulu, a northern Native American tool used for chopping, scraping and skinning. The Ulu is one of his group of "Unlikely Successes," due to the fact that they are "unconventional but have proved indispensable" and they can perform tasks "outside the range of a standard knife."