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We are committed to designing and manufacturing quality knives that our customers can proudly use and depend on in the field. With American ingenuity, craftsmanship and manufacturing, we produce the "Finest Quality Outdoorsmen's Knives!" Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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"To be honest I have never heard of Knives of Alaska, until I went on a management hunt in West Tennessee. There were 2 tables set up to dress out the deer. One table had several knives laid out and a warden sharpening them as they completed each deer. I went to the other set up and they only had one knife and no sharpener. I watched them go through about 20 deer with the one knife. I asked who sharpened the knife; the poor guys at the other table are wearing out their sharpening steel. The game warden laughed and said his team was using a knife made by Knives of Alaska, you don't need to sharpen their knife,it's almost unreal how sharp this knife is and how long it holds a sharp cutting edge. This season I used my new Knives of Alaska knife for the first time and I was shocked. I have collected some excellent hunting knives over the years and Knives of Alaska is by far the best hunting knife I've ever used. I've field dressed 4 whitetails and the knife is still as sharp as the day I took it out of the box. Now I just carry one knife the Whitetail Hunter. What a nice piece of hunting gear. I?m sorry I waited so long to get one. From one very happy Knives of Alaska end user!
– Louis Black