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We are committed to designing and manufacturing quality knives that our customers can proudly use and depend on in the field. With American ingenuity, craftsmanship and manufacturing, we produce the "Finest Quality Outdoorsmen's Knives!" Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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"I am beyond impressed with KOA's product quality. I first heard about KOA after my grandfather purchased the Ulu; and really seriously considered buying a KOA product after I witnessed its performance against a wild boar we had killed in texas. The Ulu handled the thick, armor layered fat back with ease, and remained incredibly sharp; sharp enough to make quick work of the remaining pig and have literally no loss of edge whatsoever.
Shortly there after I purchased the Xtreme Model V, and am even more impressed with it. The quality is once again outstanding, and the fact it can be used for more then just skinning makes it a gemstone in my eyes. It has handled hundreds of rabbits, many deer, and an elk with out any faults.
Previous to my KOA experience I refused to use anything but Ka-Bar, and now KOA has taken the top spot in my collection.
KOA not only creates the top tier of knife in the world, it also as truly revealed that crafting knives is indeed an art form: and by God, has KOA mastered it.
Thank you to everyone who dedicates their time to creating these functioning art forms, I plan on making my next KOA purchase very soon.

– Jordan Thompson