Care for Your Product

We recommend you keep all our knives clean using water and a mild soap, if necessary. Dry them immediately and then lightly oil the blade after field-dressing. Even though many steels are categorized “stainless,” they will still rust when exposed to corrosive materials such as blood and salt water. If you are field-dressing an animal and do not have oil available, you should still wash and clean the blade if any water is available, then rub the blade with animal fat. This will protect the blade until you reach home or camp. If you keep knives in sheaths over long periods, be sure to oil the blades heavily while in storage, as leather can attract and hold moisture. For the very best protection, after the hunting season we recommend you store the knives out of the sheaths with a light coating of oil on the blade.

Here are a few additional documents you may find helpful with the care and use of your Knives of Alaska products.