For warranty consideration, please complete the customer return form (below) and follow the instructions for returning your knife.  All fixed blade knives should be shipped in a sheath to prevent injury to those handling the package.  We suggest you insure the package for the value of the knife.  If it is a warranty issue your postage will be reimbursed (partial reimbursement for expedited shipments).

  Please Note

** Sheaths are not included in our guarantee; they can only be warranted at time of purchase. Once the product has been opened and knives have been removed, it is no longer warranted. Leather is an organic substance that can mildew, become dry, crack, and can also be cut with improper insertion or placement of knife. With proper care, leather can last for decades, and even though it may have a worn and used look, aging can actually enhance the character and beauty of the leather. Please be sure you are inserting the knife correctly to avoid cutting the sheath, as this is not a warranty issue. ** 

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