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Defense Survival D2 Tan/Kydex
We designed the Defense/Survival Model knife specifically for emergency situations. You can chop, slice and cut,stab, hammer, or pry with this knife. The removable G10 handles have machined pockets to store fire-starting material, matches, fish hooks, 50 feet of monofilament line or other items. This strong and sleek knife is perfectly balanced with the center of gravity at the index finger. It works well fielddressing large game and is a perfect choice for emergency preparedness. The streamlined Kydex sheath holds only the knife and the tool for removing the handles.

~ Kydex sheath Included ~
Category: Defense Survival Knife
Item Number: 00844FG
Metal: D2
Rockwell Hardness: 59-61
Bevel: 18-20°
Knife Length: 11.5
Blade Length: 6
Weight: 7.0 oz
Original Price: $179.99
You Save: $18.00
Your Price: $161.99